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Shipping and Repair

Shipping made simple

Metro Wheels and Accessories has been shipping wheel repairs and aftermarket wheel and tire packages for many years. We don’t JUST service local businesses in the Metro Atlanta area; we receive wheel repairs from across the country. If you're a tire shop or body shop owner who is seeking a quality wheel repair machine shop/re-manufacturer on your team, then Metro Wheels and Accessories is the right choice for you. Since 1989, we've teamed up with the best engineers in the industry to design a state-of-the-art wheel repair/re-manufacturer facility in the Southeast.

Our vision statement

To become the premier wheel repair and replacement center in the Southeast, where success is driven by excellence, fixed on quality, and fueled by raving fans.

Here are photos of the wheel repair facility:

Wheel Repair Shop Wheel Repair Shop

Metro Wheel and Accessories will fully restore your damaged wheel back to looking and riding like new. We guarantee it!

Shipping your wheel to Metro Wheels and Accessories is a breeze. If you're a wholesale body shop or tire shop and want us to become your preferred vendor for doing wheel repairs—or you're just a regular guy who wants quality done right the first time—then let us know and we'll ship you 4 boxes designed for the transportation of wheels to and from our facility. The cost of the boxes is minimal (usually around $32 for 4, including the inserts, plus shipping to you) and can be used for up to 10 trips back and forth to Metro Wheels and Accessories. Below you'll see examples of the boxes and how they are to be used. Large quantities of boxes can be ordered and shipped directly to you. Price will vary upon quantity.

Boxes for wheels wheel boxes

These boxes measure 20x20x11 and are designed to have the insert slide into the box so the handles on the side of the boxes are open to the side of the wheel. See photo. If you will notice that the top of the insert – once it is folded in, actually grabs onto the bottom of the wheel. This insert prevents the wheel from sliding back and forth in shipping and allows for a firm grip.

Shipping wheels to repair shop wheel shipping

Notice the color of the wheel can be seen through the box handle holes. This is how you know the wheel has been boxed correctly. If the insert is placed into the box such that the handle holes are blocked, then this would be considered wrong and would require you to relocate the insert, with the wheel mounted in it, so that the side of the wheel can be seen through the handle holes.

Heavy-duty boxes for wheels Heavy-Duty box for shipping wheels

These boxes are heavy duty and can be used for many trips. The sizes can range from 13” up to 19” with a maximum width of 9”. 20” wheels can be shipped, but the inserts will not allow them to fit into the boxes so you will need to improvise when shipping 20” wheels and above.

Allow Metro Wheels and Accessories to become your premier wheel repair and replacement facility. Let us show you how we can make you and your team Raving Fans!

Call us now at 770-423-0440, or email our General Manager, Wesley Wright at [email protected]

References available upon request. We have many raving fans!

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