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Wheel Repair & Reconditioning

The ride and aesthetic appearance of your alloy or aluminum wheels can be difficult to maintain. Wheels are constantly exposed to tar, dirt, salt, stones, and other harsh road conditions on a daily basis. Curbs and potholes can cause serious damage to your car's suspension and the aesthetic appearance of your wheels.

Metro Wheels & Accessories provides wheel repair at our facility, where we're equipped with the proper resources to provide you with the best wheel repair service.

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Is Mobile Wheel Repair Available?

No. Metro Wheels & Accessories promotes offsite wheel repair. Review the chart below to see why a dedicated wheel repair shop is the better option for wheel repair compared to mobile or onsite service.

Comparison Charts between having an onsite wheel repair facility working on your lot repairing your wheels as compared to an offsite, dedicated fixed based operation repairing your damaged wheels Onsite Offsite
Does Cosmetic repairs? YES YES
Does Structural repair? YES YES
Provides satisfactory turnaround time? YES YES
Has fast track delivery system? NO YES
Has a vast network of vendors for replacements and issues? NO YES
Has Certified Tig welder? NO YES
Does Baked on powder coating as a top coat (Durability)? NO YES
Does Computer Network Controlled Lathing (CNC)? NO YES
Has the capability of blasting off old paint? NO YES
Has over 25 years of knowledge, skills and experience? NO YES
Does the company take apart 3 piece wheels and reseal? NO YES
Can the company reproduce a factory polished finish? NO YES
Can the company do an exact color match with Computers? NO YES
Does the company have an extensive paint matching system? NO YES
Can the company ship and receive products for your benefit? NO YES
Does the company discourage the use of fillers (Bondo) in their wheels? NO YES
Does the company remove low profile tires and reinstall properly? NO YES
Does the company provide the correct liability insurance? ?? YES
Based on the above list, which company should your company use? NO YES

Schedule a wheel repair service with us at (770) 423-0440. The Metro Wheels & Accessories team ensures high quality service that restores wheel appearance and keeps them in operation, all at a competitive price.

Our wheel and rim repair and reconditioning services for customers in Marietta, GA, Roswell, GA, Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas are designed to return your factory automotive wheels and rims to like-new conditions.

Ask yourself these questions when deciding if wheel repair and reconditioning is right for your wheels:

  • Does your car vibrate at any speed? Chances are you have a bent wheel.
  • Can you see brake dust build-up on the inside or outside of the bolt hole or face of the wheel?
  • Do you have scratches on the face of the wheel from getting too close to curbs?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you should consider our wheel repair and conditioning services. Sometimes you may not even be aware of the cracks and defects below the dirt. Allow one of our wheel repair and conditioning professionals to blast the wheel for a closer examination of the damage incurred during travel to better understand the necessary wheel and rim repairs.

During our wheel repair services, our service staff repairs surface imperfections, and apply a smooth clear coat for a finished, “showroom new” appearance. Our services include:

  • Aluminum Wheel Repair
  • Vintage Wheel Repair

The Advantages of Our Powder Coating Services

Powder coating offers many advantages over standard wet or sprayed clear coat procedures. Powder coating provides:

  • A more brilliant, even finish.
  • Durable and long lasting wear.
  • Consistent colors.
  • Protection of the subsurface.

Each wheel repair and conditioning service includes stripping the old finish, straightening the wheel, welding, and restoring the original color and shade with a near-exact paint match.

Worried about cost? Wheel repair and conditioning is generally 40-60% cheaper than buying new wheels, which makes wheel repair and conditioning the perfect cost-saving option for drivers who take pride in maintaining the appearance of their vehicle. Call us today and speak to one of our experts at (770) 423-0440 for a competitive price!

Pricing Packages for 2019

Pricing is per wheel. Our Standard shipping rates through FEDEX are $25 per wheel - includes a professionally designed wheel box for protective shipping back to you. This rate does not apply to large 20" and greater heavy chrome custom wheels. Price will depend on weight. 

Structure Wheel Repair up to 19" on basic alloy wheels: $135 (List $165)


  • Basic cleaning
  • Structure repair
  • Small filler welds or crack repairs
  • Frost painting (or touch-up) on the area where metal work was done

Structure and Cosmetic Repair on basic alloy wheels: (Example - Front Side Wheel Repair) Package : $169 (List $185)


  • Detailed cleaning. (Making it look as new as possible)
  • Structure repair
  • Small filler welds or crack repair
  • All structural repair.
  • Any and all metal work (including basic fill welds) on scratches on the front lips - or full face re-lathing (whatever is needed or requested)
  • Full painting or touch up - whatever is needed.

Structure repair on Wheels 20" - 22" : $160 (list $200)

  • Basic cleaning
  • Structure repair
  • Small filler welds or crack repairs
  • Paint Touch-up on the area where metal work was done

Structure repair on Wheels 23" and up : $175 (list $250)

  • Basic cleaning
  • Structure repair
  • Small filler welds or crack repairs
  • Paint Touch-up on the area where metal work was done

Wheels that require structure and cosmetics repair - 20" - 22" wheels- full Package: $185 (list $250)

Note – We cannot lathe any wheel that is 20” or greater! Includes:

  • Detailed cleaning (making it look as new as possible)
  • Structure repair
  • Small filler welds or crack repairs
  • All structural repair
  • Any and all metal work (including basic welding) on scratches on the front lips - or full face re-lathing (whatever is needed or requested)
  • Full painting or touch up - whatever is needed

Hyper Silver charges (Add-on to above packages)

  • The lip touch up process using a Sprayed color $50 - Note this is a "Close" color but not exact
  • The entire face of the wheel using our Hyper Powder process (4 different colors available) - Add $50 each wheel
  • The entire wheel using our sprayed on Hyper silver process $100 each


Cosmetic Refurbishment (when the wheel does not need structural repair and IS NOT HYPER SILVER)

  • Wheels up to 19" : $135
  • Wheels 20" -22" : $160      (NO LATHING/MACHINING OVER 20")
  • Wheels 23" and up : $190

Note – Wheels that are greater than 21” and need structure as well as some type of cosmetic repair – will be subject to a visual inspection and priced per wheel. Ship your wheel or wheels to the attention of the repair Manager for a price quote. Shipping charges will apply. Shipping wheels to Metro Wheels should not be shipped with a tire. Shipping on 20" or greater can vary basic upon weight but most are $40 per wheel Via FEDEX.

Other Important Notes

  • A Rush fee of $25 per wheel will be applied when we are asked to have the repair ready before the end of the next business day (24 hour period) for delivery back to you via FedEx.
  • A MAX rush fee of $50 will be for the customer that wants to have the repair done by the end of the business day (Keeping in mind that the repair shop closes at 4:00pm and the delivery must be provided to us in a reasonable amount of time to do the repair) – ready to be shipped back via FedEx. We schedule these appointments with the production manager, so please call ahead. Otherwise, your repair will be delivered within 2 to 3 business days. (Weekends not included.)
  • Color change will be an add on to the above pricing of $30 per wheel up to $75 for a set of 4. For instance – going from silver to gold.
  • Color match charge will be an add on of $70 for both sides of the wheels to the above pricing. This is when we have to match a wheel to the color of the car or a specific color that the customer has requested. Hyper silver colors are additional.
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