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The content below is a list of tire data for technical purposes. To search for tires for your vehicle click here and choose either the search by size, search by vehicle or search by brand option.


Venezia Crusade HP Venezia Crusade HP - 195/50R15 Venezia Crusade HP - 205/40ZR17XL Venezia Crusade HP - 205/50ZR17XL Venezia Crusade HP - 205/55ZR16 Venezia Crusade HP - 215/35ZR18XL Venezia Crusade HP - 215/45ZR17XL Venezia Crusade HP - 225/30ZR20XL Venezia Crusade HP - 225/35ZR20XL Venezia Crusade HP - 225/40ZR18XL Venezia Crusade HP - 225/45ZR17XL Venezia Crusade HP - 225/45ZR18XL Venezia Crusade HP - 225/50ZR17XL Venezia Crusade HP - 235/30R22XL Venezia Crusade HP - 235/35GR19XL Venezia Crusade HP - 235/35ZR20XL Venezia Crusade HP - 235/45ZR17XL Venezia Crusade HP - 245/30ZR22XL Venezia Crusade HP - 245/35R19XL Venezia Crusade HP - 245/35ZR20XL Venezia Crusade HP - 245/40ZR18XL Venezia Crusade HP - 245/45ZR17XL Venezia Crusade HP - 245/45ZR18XL Venezia Crusade HP - 245/45ZR20 Venezia Crusade HP - 255/30ZR22XL Venezia Crusade HP - 255/35ZR20XL Venezia Crusade HP - 275/40ZR20 Venezia Crusade SXT Venezia Crusade SXT - 195/55R15 Venezia Crusade SXT - 195/60R15 Venezia Crusade SXT - 195/65R15 Venezia Crusade SXT - 205/60R15 Venezia Crusade SXT - 205/60R16 Venezia Crusade SXT - 205/65R15 Venezia Crusade SXT - 215/50R17XL Venezia Crusade SXT - 215/60R16 Venezia Crusade SXT - 225/55R17XL Venezia Crusade SXT - 225/60R16 Venezia CrossRoad XT Venezia CrossRoad XT - 215/65R17 Venezia CrossRoad XT - 225/55R18 Venezia CrossRoad XT - 225/60R17 Venezia CrossRoad XT - 225/65R17 Venezia CrossRoad XT - 235/55R18 Venezia CrossRoad XT - 235/55R18 Venezia CrossRoad XT - 235/60R17 Venezia CrossRoad XT - 235/60R18 Venezia CrossRoad XT - 245/60R18 Venezia CrossRoad XT - 255/55R18 Venezia CrossRoad XT - 255/65R18 Venezia CrossRoad XT - 255/65R18 Venezia CrossRoad XT - 255/70R18 Venezia CrossRoad XT - 255/70R18 Venezia CrossRoad XT - 265/60R18

Tires for Custom Wheels

Custom Wheels & Tires in Marietta, GA

Discover the right tires for what you drive and where you drive at Metro Wheels & Accessories. We're proud to offer a variety of tires for pairing with your factory or custom wheels. Choose from leading brands like MICHELIN®, Nexen, Nitto, Toyo, Venezia, BFGoodrich®, and many others.

Low profile tire installation is available.

From tires designed for fuel economy and quiet driving to off-road tires built for rugged terrain, you'll have access to top brands and many tire sizes.

Tire Brands

We feature the following tire brands:

  • Toyo
  • Goodyear
  • Nexen
  • Venezia
  • Bridgestone
  • Firestone
  • Continental
  • Nitto
  • BFGoodich
  • Cooper
  • Pirelli
  • Falken
  • Hankook
  • Kumho

Need wheels? Ask about our custom aluminum and chrome wheels for cars, SUVs, and luxury vehicles, or grab some tough, off-the-road wheels for a sport or all-terrain vehicle.


In the market for new wheels?

We carry:

  • Flashy customized wheels for street driving.
  • Lightweight wheels for racing.
  • Chrome and aluminum wheels.
  • Polished aluminum wheels.
  • Chrome finished wheels.
  • Factory wheels

Regardless of what vehicle you need tires and wheels for, you can rest easy knowing you have a dealer nearby with everything you need, including wheel accessories. We're proud to supply customers in Marietta, GA, Roswell, GA, Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas with the best brand name wheels and tires.

We represent over 100 different custom wheel suppliers from around the world and have access to top tire brands. Since 1989, we have worked hard choosing the best selection of custom wheels and tires so you can come to just one place.

With years of industry experience and contacts, Metro Wheels & Accessories can and will deliver the best quality custom wheels and tires backed by an outstanding customer service team. Why chance shopping anywhere else? Talk to an expert now.

Contact us online or call to order: 770-423-0440.

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