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5 Auto Repairs That Can Save You Money

Car problems should always be fixed as soon as possible. A relatively minor issue can easily become a very expensive headache. Here are five auto repairs that can save you money.

Seal oil leaks
An oil leak remains one of the most common car problems. If the engine is ran without an adequate supply of oil, it can be destroyed within a matter of minutes. Although you could continue to top off the oil level, the best option is the fix the root of the problem. Often times, an oil leak can be traced to a worn out oil pan gasket.

Replace old spark plugs
Although modern spark plugs can last for over 50,000 miles, they will eventually need to be replaced. A rough idle is one of the tell-tale signs that your spark plugs have reached the end of their service life. Aside from the diminished engine performance and poor fuel economy, a bad set of spark plugs can actually damage your vehicle’s catalytic converter. The cost of installing a new catalytic converter can easily cost more than $500.

Repair a chipped windshield
Even a tiny rock can damage your vehicle’s windshield. Although a small chip may not cause much concern, it still needs to be fixed in a timely manner. The fluctuating outdoor temperatures can definitely cause the chip to grow into a large crack. Fortunately, specialty auto shops such as Speedy Apollo Auto Service Centres can repair chipped windshields. This can help you to avoid the expense of purchasing a brand new windshield.

Install new brake pads
Most drivers understand the importance of their brakes. Unfortunately, far too many car owners allow their brake pads to wear down to the bare metal. The metal-to-metal contact can cause a lot of issues. After a while, the brake rotors will eventually begin to warp. If you notice a squealing noise when coming to a stop, get your braking system inspected immediately.

Obtain a wheel alignment
In order for a vehicle to drive smoothly, the wheels need to be properly aligned. According to automotive specialists, your vehicle needs to receive an alignment at least once a year. Not only can a bad wheel alignment ruin your tires, but it can also jeopardize your personal safety. If you notice irregular wear patterns on your tires, this is likely due to an improper wheel alignment.

Save money by repairing your vehicle in a timely fashion. Waiting will certainly cost you in the long run.

Author: Lizzie Weakley

Written on Thursday, February 26, 2015 by
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