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Car Junkies: 3 Keys to Making Sure you get the Best Deal on your Next Hot Rod

Buying a classic car is much different than heading into a dealership and picking up a new model. Almost all of the risk is placed on the shoulders of the buyer, and this means that it is time to dig in and really start figuring out ways to protect your investment. If you are just now beginning the journey of purchasing a hot rod, then take a look at these 3 tips for getting the absolute best deal without wasting your time or money.

1. Pick Your Model and Research It
Absolutely nothing can replace some hands-on research regarding your new hot rod. Some classic car collectors may have the time and resources to look at every vehicle that comes their way, but this is impractical for most buyers. Those that are getting serious about purchasing their own project car need to start limiting their choices for the make, model, and year they are looking for. Once they have an idea on which models they would like, they can then establish a budget and learn the nuances of each individual car.

2. Narrow Your Choices and Get a Vehicle History Report
It is tempting to go with the first car that comes your way, but patience could help you in the long run. Buyers will want to have as many choices as possible so that they can leverage the pros and cons of each. One vehicle may be more affordable on the first day, but it could become prohibitively expensive during the rebuild. Once you have set your sights on 2 or 3 cars, you will then want to get a car history report from a company like Instavin. These reports include information that buyers could never find on their own such as the mileage history, towing history, previous accidents, and more.

3. Establish a Long-Term Timeline and Budget
Building a hot rod is a serious investment for anyone, and you need to have a clear budget and timeline in place. These classic vehicles do not pop up overnight, and most collectors are going to spend at least a few months or years perfecting their vehicle. You might be looking at huge expenditures in the future such as swapping out the engine or custom body work, and buying the car before figuring these costs into the final price could result in your new hot rod becoming a pile of scrap metal.

Information and planning is key when it comes to buying and maintaining hot rods. Some extra time spent researching the vehicle could save your years of heartache and thousands of wasted dollars.

Author is Lizzie Weakley

Written on Wednesday, July 8, 2015 by Brian
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