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Why Aluminum Wheels?

by Tim Gowens

The question is often asked, "Why use aluminum wheels on my vehicle? Why should I pay all that money for alloy wheels?" Aluminum car wheels may seem like a waste of money to some, but to others they are a must.

Most alloy wheels are cast into a mold, and the end result is a smoother ride and less tire stress than the traditional steel wheel and hubcaps. Most steel wheels are "cold rolled and welded," and usually have some movement - either high or low - in the welded seam area. They also tend to be heavier in the welded seamed areas and many have leaks, such as some of the Hyundai steel wheels.

But aluminum wheels are cast into a mold in a hot liquid state and cooled, which makes them more accurate in both the heavier and lighter areas. The end result is a balance that has less weight on the wheel and less stress on the tire.

Steel wheels are a great way to provide basic transportation for a basic car, but for those who want to extend the life of their tires and have a smoother ride, alloy wheels are the way to go. Aluminum wheels also provide a lighter weight for the racing enthusiast, and can be machined for a brilliant appearance.

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