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Lathing Alloy Wheels

by Tim Gowens

Lathing a wheel is very simple - provided you have the correct equipment. A CNC machine is necessary to repair damaged machined wheels.

The process itself is simple: The CNC machine traces the existing arches that are in most alloy wheels. Once the machine has those coordinates, a CNC programmer takes that information and writes a program that will match exactly.

Metro Wheels has spent many hours in order to understand the workings of a CNC machine, and we are eager to help refinish your factory or custom wheels. For many years, we explored other alternatives to the machined finish. But we found out quickly that, without the machine's ability to precisely cut the alloy aluminum to within .0001 for a final cut, we were wasting our time and energy. In other words, there is no process other than the ability of a computer networked controlled lathe (CNC) to attain the desired look.

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