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"Take Off" Tires Are Big Money Savers

by Tim Gowens

The problem:

Unfortunately, American tire manufacturing businesses continue to go overseas because they can get a quality product with relatively lower cost. Foreign tire manufacturing companies frequently put out excellent products that are cost effective for the consumer, but not particularly profitable to the distributor, like Metro Wheels. As the owner of Metro Wheels Inc., I have been challenged to make the distribution of foreign tire imports profitable. Small and large businesses alike depend on profit margins to maintain and grow. When direct dealerships, or companies like Costco and Sam’s Club purchase from the foreign tire manufacturing companies, they create an atmosphere that is extremely difficult for small businesses like Metro Wheels, to compete in.

The solution:

In seeking a solution I discovered that the re-sell of good quality, high tread, take-off tires was very well received by my customers and I was able to maintain a small profit margin. WOW! Imagine that! Yesterdays economy would have allowed 'mom and pop' tire stores to do well, but competing with the likes of Costco and Sam's clubs today have left many small companies in the dust. Their economies of scale permit them to buy and sell thousands of tires per day; tires that are made specifically for them. It's the Wal-Mart model! These large corporate chains are able to buy low and sell low. It's hard for the smaller guy to make pay roll and still compete. Used tires and take off tires have become Metro Wheels way of staying in the game.

Our Focus on Quality and Customer Satisfaction:

The used tires that we purchase are closely inspected for damage as well as uneven road wear or faulty alignments that can cause severe damage. Tires with these types of imperfections are not brought into our inventory at all. They are discarded. Our take off tires are so carefully inspected that I would not hesitate to put my own family on them. Now, as the owner of Metro Wheels, Inc. that's saying something! There are many times when we will do an upscale dealership wheel and tire package, (meaning 20" wheel and tire upgrade and above) and take off the original wheels and tires as a trade in (thus the name "take off's"). These tires are in most cases like new and or "gently" used tires. Depending upon the type of tire, we are often able to sell them for half of what the same tire new would be sold at.

Customer satisfaction runs high because he can spend less and get more! Take off tires provide a quality safe ride for less. For example, I recently put a friend into a set of 19" tires for his Land Rover for $300 plus install. He had called the dealership for the same tires and got some crazy price of about $900! Metro Wheels saved him $600!!! I even received a nice thank you note from him for the help! So next time, consider buying take off tires!

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