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When Is The Right Time To Take Your Car To A Mechanic

There are lots of serious reasons why you Sparksmight need to take your car in for repairs. Major accidents of all types can occur to your car suddenly and necessitate expensive trips to the mechanic. One way to avoid these costly and lengthy repair jobs however, is to make sure you are taking your car in for regular tune-ups from your mechanic. What are some signs that it might be time to take your car in for a tune-up appointment?

Reduced Mileage

Has your car suddenly started giving you less mileage than you’re used to from it? This is usually one of the primary signs of dirt and other build-up within your car that it might be a good idea to have removed. Use your odometer to track the distance you’re getting per tank and make note when this number seems to be in decline.


This one is pretty obvious. Your temperature gauge will rise when you drive your car for extended lengths and if it gets bad enough, you may even see smoke start rising from your engine. If this happens, stop driving and get your car to your mechanic right away.

Check Engine Light Is On

I’ve heard of people ignoring this light and driving their car for days, weeks, and even months before having it checked out. Fine. But I’ve also heard of ignored check engine lights leading to serious, even fatal, accidents. See this light? Get it checked out ASAP.

Difficulty Starting Car

If you are noticing your car consistently has issues starting up then this could mean bad electronics in your car, electrical damage to the spark plugs, or any number of other issues that are usually pretty easy to fix on their own, but may be indicators of more serious damage.

Car Stalls Often

Stalling is often an indicator of simply worn out parts in your car. A mechanic will check these out as a part of any regular tune-up and this can be a fantastic indicator that it might be time for yours to do so.


Getting tune-ups regularly can be absolutely crucial to the health of your car in the long term. A car that is regularly maintained will perform better, suffer less wear and tear, maintain a higher value, and just in general, serve you better and far more reliably. This can have a direct impact on the performance of your car which makes driving it a far more pleasurable experience and can even decrease your risk of serious accidents which could lead not only to major repairs that are far more expensive than a tune-up for your car but also increase your risk of serious injury which could result in a major hospital stay for you and your loved ones. There is no downside to keeping your car well maintained so I tell all drivers that this should be a top priority for them. I also recommend that they invest in some kind of car insurance such as offered by ProtectYourBubble.com so that they can afford to repair their cars should they be involved in a more serious accident.

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