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The 5 Most Economical Scooters of 2013

In a cash strapped world, we are all looking for a way to save some money throughout our daily routine. This is especially the case when it comes to travel. It’s a necessity which millions of us do every morning and every evening – we all have to spend money on fuel and it seems sensible to ensure we get the best deal when it comes to purchasing a new or used car or motorbike.

Many of today’s motorcycles and scooters have excellent mpg figures, and can easily provide a far cheaper alternative to driving a car. With improved engines, safety and comfort, they also now prove to be a viable substitute. Here are 5 of the most economical scooters money can buy you today.

Yamaha Zuma

The Zuma has been going since the late 1980s, and it is perfect for local city riding. It only has a liquid cooled 49cc engine, but will return a pretty exceptional 130 mile per gallon.

Honda PCX

The Honda PCX is a 125cc scooter which feels big, stable and safe to drive thanks to its 14 inch wheels. It also has plenty of comfortable features and a large amount of space – it’ll return more than 100mpg too, which should mean longer trips are less fraught with time being taken up looking for a service station.


Yamaha Vity

The Vity is designed as a classic scooter and pitched towards markets who appreciate low running costs, excellent performance and the kind of handling that city riding requires. Its 125cc engine is reliable and efficient and it will happily return around 100mpg.


Honda NSC110

This Honda is so called because it has, for its size, a pretty ample SOHC 110cc engine which delivers surprisingly good performance and excellent miles per gallon figures. It is a relatively new offering from Honda, so it benefits from enhanced features and development in scooter technology which enables it to be a capable and easy to use machine.


Yamaha BW’S 125

This is a true urban scooter. It is rugged and unique whilst at the same time being lightweight and easy to drive. Stop-Start urban technology and durable tires also help add to this bike’s value. It’s a great all-rounder and is hardly going to break the bank when it comes to running costs.


The 5 scooters above are amongst a growing collection of super economical modes of transport which are likely to set the tone for years to come and become a lot more popular. They provide fun and efficient transport around towns and cities.

No matter what motorcycle or scooter you ultimately decide to purchase, you will need to ensure you have a range of the right motorcycle accessories, clothing and the right kind of training to suit the bike and the license you’re on.

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