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4 James Bond Cars That You Can Drive!

A man with a license to kill is sure to be different from mere mortals of the world. Everything about him must set him apart from the crowd. Everything about James Bond does exactly that. His enviable and lust worthy collection of cars plays a major role in making him the suave and dangerous character that he is. While you can’t replace Daniel Craig and live Bond’s life in the next movie, you certainly can have your piece of glamour by investing in one of the cars featured in Bond movies. Here are four cars you can buy without paying through your nose –

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1

In a classic Bond movie, this fastback is driven by one of the best Bonds ever through the streets of Las Vegas. The sequence of Sean Connery driving this car in Diamonds Are Forever is one of the most memorable scenes in the Bond history. He even goes on to drive it on two wheels to maneuver it on the narrow streets of the city. This car isn’t something you would normally associate with the super spy and is less preferred to its first generation Mustang. This particular fact has led to a fall in prices which is a reason to rejoice!

1974 AMC Hornet

In the movie “The Man With The Golden Gun,” Roger Moore dashes into a Hong Kong showroom and nabs an AMC Hornet to embark on a chase involving a corkscrew jump over a river.  Not many Hornets of that era are available now as American Motors, the company behind this car is now defunct. However, if you do find one, not only will you be driving around in a Bond movie car, but you will be a proud owner of a vintage car at a good price.

1997 BMW 750IL

Following the Timothy Dalton era, Pierce Brosnan took over the mantle to play the iconic British spy. When Brosnan took over, it was the era of Bond preferring German built cars. One such car was this seven series sedan. In the movie Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond pilots this car with a remote control to throw tear gas at enemies and fire missiles all the while lying on the back seat.  While the one you invest in, won’t do all this, the experience will be priceless as it has been proven time and again, the Germans know cars!

2002 Aston Martin Vanquish

A list of Bond cars is incomplete without the mention of Aston Martin, the brand best known for its 007 connection. Bond returned to the brand he had stayed loyal to for a long time in the 2002 Bond movie Die Another Day. Pierce Brosnan brought it back on screen after several outings in the German brand BMW. These cars come at a high price tag. However, a used one will be easier on your pocket. And the price you pay will be worth it for the ultimate luxury experience.

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