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4 Creative Ways To Avoid Traffic Jams

We have all got far better things to do with our time than sit in traffic jams. Of all modern life’s frustrations, a traffic jam has to be the most irritating waste of time we have to contend with on a daily basis. You can bet your life that the minute you get stuck in a jam, your child will wake up and start screaming – and we all know how stressful that is. Traffic jams can also be dangerous – if you are wedged in a jam for a long time with no food or water, your health is at risk.

We’re not saying you’ll never get stuck again, but we do have some great ideas on how to plan your route creatively so that you never get stuck in anything that’s avoidable.

Plan Your Route

This first thing you should always do before setting off on a journey is to plan your route. Have a look at a map, install a navigation application on your smartphone and speak to other people that know the roads to see what they would suggest. Many websites can now tell you where any incidents are so always make sure you check out the current traffic situation before you leave. Live traffic streaming is always getting more accurate so take what you see seriously. If you really can’t find a better route to take, you could always delay your departure until you know the traffic is flowing again.

Timing is Everything

Don’t set off on a journey in rush hour if you can possibly avoid it. By leaving half an hour later you could end up with a much shorter journey, and still get there at the same time! If you have a daily commute, experiment by leaving fifteen minutes earlier, or fifteen minutes later, and see what effect that has on your journey’s time. Small changes here and there can make big differences.

Look Out For Cones

Traffic cones are always a sign of a long wait! If you see road workers setting them out then make a mental note to avoid that stretch of road the next time. Sometimes cones will be set out while the emergency services deal with an accident. If you come across this then it’s always best to make a u-turn if you possibly can. You may be waiting a very long time if you don’t. Traffic cones should always ring alarm bells.

Car Pooling

Car pooling is a great way of lowering the cost of driving. But it’s also great to have some company if you are travelling. You’ll be very glad of it if you grind to a halt (unless they are really annoying!). Plus with the HOV lane, you can merrily sail past a long line of traffic, if you have two or more people in your car with you. Very satisfying!

Traffic jams are an inevitable frustration of everyday life but there are many you can avoid – so it’s really important that you do all you can to stay on the move!

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