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How to Get the Most Effective Use Out of Your Truck this Winter

The winter weather can bring a wide range of challenges that many will face while on the road. As the owner of a truck, you don't have to be that person who is slowly creeping down the snow-covered roads at 5 mph, or are trying to dig yourself out of a snowdrift before heading off to work. By taking advantage of these few helpful tips and hints, you'll be sure to get the most effective use out of your truck this winter while becoming a better driver during this cold, slushy and snowy time of year.

Dedicated Snow Tires
According to Tonka 4-Wheel Drive Ltd., one of the best ways to ensure that you are getting the most effective use out of your truck this winter is to purchase a set of dedicated snow tires. While you may already have all-season tires, these tires are actually only recommended for three seasons out of the year. Winter tires will help your truck to get a better grip when driving on snow or ice. Snow tires will help to improve your traction, ice braking, braking on dry roads and will help to eliminate the risk of hydroplaning.

Sandbags in Truck Beds
Another easy tip that truck owners can take advantage of during the winter months is to simply put sandbags in the back of their truck bed. Weighing the back of the truck down with sandbags will help to keep the back wheels from continuously spinning all over when attempting to drive on slick roadways and snow-covered grounds.

Truck Accessories for Winter Weather
Because the winter weather can take a toll on your truck, it's always best to have the right accessories to ensure that you're prepared for anything. A snow plow that mounts to the front of the truck makes it easy to get through snow that may be blocking your way. Winches can help to pull you and others on the road out of snow banks. Other must-have accessories include tow straps, jumper cables, fog lights and a flashlight.

Using 4WD in Snow
For 4WD trucks, this feature should be activated during winter weather conditions. 4WD is ideal when driving on unplowed roads and areas that have accumulated a heavy amount of snow. The low range gearing makes it easier to accelerate in the snow so that you are not getting stuck in remote areas. However, while 4WD helps to get you going in the snow and ice, it does very little to help with stopping, so it is always important to drive slowly and safely during extreme weather conditions and on rough terrains.

The best way to be prepared for winter driving in your truck is to practice. Traction tests can be done in snowy, empty parking lots so that you know what to expect before hitting the road. With these tips, you'll be ready to make the most use out of your truck in the winter.

Written by: Lizzie Weakley

Written on Monday, December 15, 2014 by
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