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How to Improve the Fuel Economy in Your Big Rig

Without a doubt, one of the largest expenses a truck driver or their company will face is the astronomical cost of diesel to fill up their rigs. As a driver, you have the power to reduce these costs and put a bit more money back into your pocket. If you are a company driver, most trucking companies will show appreciation to their employees who do wonderfully on practicing fuel economy, as they keep track of those stats.

Anything you can do to save money for your or your company is always a plus. Here are a few tips to help you put more coin in your pocket while utilizing great driving habits to get it done.

Accounting for the Wind

It's well-known that driving between 55 and 60 miles per hour is the best for fuel efficiency. But if there's a strong head wind, it's very difficult on the gas. You'd have to slow down to 50-55 to keep that same efficiency. But another way would be to focus on the way you shift. Changing gears also uses fuel and if you can develop a new technique, such as braking to slow down while shifting, it will help you to save fuel.

There are also purchases you can make to invest in keeping your truck aerodynamic. That will definitely cut down the different wind patterns that create drag on your truck. Keep proper air inflation for your tires as well. When you're looking to fuel up, utilize the truck stops who offer points that will reward you for buying diesel with them. They will offer fuel discounts as well as free showers and other retail items.

True Logistics

One of the best ways to stay on top of your game is proper research of your route. If you have internet access, then you can go online and find what stops offer the best prices. Even by crossing the state line can offer many discounts, from taxes to lower overall fuel prices. So doing your research can really benefit your bottom line.

A few other areas in which some research could benefit is knowing the kind of weather, specifically the temperature, of where you'll be driving. If you plan on venturing to colder areas, you can use an additive to keep the fuel from gelling together. Injector cleaner will certainly keep the engine in tip-top shape.

Tips from Other Drivers

If you have the time, talking to long-time drivers on the tricks of the trade they've learned while on the road. One truck driver was quoted as saying, "Drive like there's an egg under your fuel pedal and you don't want to break it!" That means easing up on the gas and being a more conservative and careful driver.

In a tough economy, every little bit step a driver can take to save money for themselves and for the company. Truck driving schools, like North Shore Driving School Ltd. in Vancouver, will teach you all the basic fundamentals about driving and how to keep your money in your pocket while living life out on the road.

Author: Lizzie Weakley

Written on Monday, March 9, 2015 by
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