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Car Air Fresheners: Why They Are Making A Comeback

Over the last decade or so car air fresheners have received some bad press. Troubling associations with the 1980s, nauseatingly overpowering fragrances, and clunky, dated designs meant that people began deciding against dangling the little tree or set of traffic lights from their rear view mirrors. The problem with not using a car air freshener however, as many of us have learned, is that without them cars can become very stale and smelly places indeed. Here we take a look at some of the innovative new car air fresheners on the market, to keep your automobile smelling sweet and fresh.

Car Jars

Over the last couple of decades one of the fastest expanding markets in fragrance has been the scented candle. Scented candles are a phenomenon – people spend millions on them every year! The popularity of the scented candle is twofold. On the one hand they are popular because they come in such a wide range of convincing scents – from homely warm scents like gingerbread, to fresh clean aromas like grapefruit, or fresh cotton.  The other reason for the success of scented candles is the subtlety and ‘naturalness’ of the fragrance. Because of these two reasons, it seems unsurprising that recently scented candle companies have been producing car air fresheners. They are usually absorbent cardboard in the shape of a jar imbued with scent like ‘mountain Lodge’ or ‘Fluffy Towels’. They are a huge hit due to the amazing range of delicious aromas.

Car Air Purifier

These are more than just a car air freshener, or rather, they are more than we expect from a car air freshener in that they actually do freshen the air in the car! Car air purifiers suck in the stale used air in the car, convert the ions, and blow out fresh air. So you are actually able to breathe fresh air without needing to open a window – perfect!

Old School Car Air Fresheners

As with everything, it seems that no sooner have we decided that something is beyond the pale, the hipsters fall back in love with it. So it is with the old school style car air freshener, the iconic Feu Orange traffic light air freshener. One sniff of this baby and you’ll be transported straight back to your Dad’s Cortina in 1982! These car air fresheners are trading off nostalgia, and are perfect if you like to embrace that retro hipster aesthetic in your life.


If you are dead set against dangly things, then how about using an aromatherapy pump spray air freshener instead? Aromatherapy works on the principle that certain fragrances can effect and enhance your mood. So for example, Lavender is relaxing, peppermint is stimulating, lemon is good for relieving stress.

Whatever you feel about car air fresheners, you have to admit that they sure do beat a stale, stinky car. With such a wide range of diverse styles and scents available you can be sure to find one to suit your own personal needs and preference.

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