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6 Tips To Make Your Motorcycle Trip More Enjoyable

I’ve given people a few tips they need to remember when planning a big motorcycle trip because it’s not nice being hundreds of miles away from home when something goes wrong.

Riding a motorcycle to and from work is fun, but I’m sure you’ll agree there is nothing more exciting than setting off on an adventure into the great unknown. The important thing is that you plan everything before you go because it will make your trip a lot more enjoyable. Take a look at these amazing tips because it’s stuff you must know if your journey is to be a success. The last thing you need is something to go wrong when you’re hundreds of miles from home.

Decide what interests you

Before you plan anything you need to decide what interests you because there are a lot of things out there. Do you want to ride through some of our beautiful national parks? Are there any special monuments you must be photographed in front of? You never know when you’ll hit the road again, so choose the places you must see now. Choose some things that are close together and you’ll be able to see much more than one thing.

Set the ground rules

It’s easy to be too enthusiastic when planning your trip because you probably think you’re Superman. When you decide to ride too many miles per day you might be disappointed when you end up falling behind. Choose a suitable distance you want to cover on a daily basis and remember to take into account the fact you’ll be stopping and walking around often. Stick to a distance that won’t trouble you because you’re meant to be on vacation.

Be honest about your abilities

You might feel like you’re the best rider in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can ride in any conditions. Do you have the skills to stay safe when you’re riding through Vermont in the middle of November? What about taking a nice little ride through Death Valley in the middle of summer? If you’ve never spent any time in the blistering heat it’s unlikely you will be able to handle it. Don’t take any risks because even if you don’t hurt yourself you won’t enjoy the trip.

Don’t forget about downtime

Give yourself a few extra days to reach the finish line because you might want to stop somewhere along the way. Either you will find somewhere magnificent and you’ll realize a few hours isn’t long enough to take it all in, or you could get tired and you will want to chill out. Don’t forget about your bike breaking down because you might not be able to fix something within a few hours, so you might need to wait around for that too.

Have a proper budget

Before you go anywhere you must make sure you have enough money to enjoy yourself because it will make your trip a lot more fun. Once you have a budget you can stick to it, but if it’s too low to begin with you’ll kick yourself when you can’t afford something. If you have a plan before you set off it means you’ll have a good idea of how much you need to take. You will also need to have an emergency fund in case there are any mishaps along the way.

You must stay safe

Do you have the right clothing and equipment to take with you? If you’re riding around in remote areas you will need a lot more in your backpack. If something was to go wrong there is a chance you would be lost somewhere, but you can get around that by giving your exact itinerary to a family member. Tell them you will phone every night and if you don’t they will know something is wrong, which could possibly save your life.

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